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Mac Maniacs Can Finder Their iPhone, Without Jailbreak!

July 10, 2010

Want your iDevice to show up in the Finder, like other USB devices, without having to jailbreak your device? There's an (OSX) app for that! Macroplant's new app, PhoneDisk, lets you not only see the contents of your iDevice, but also add and manipulate files on it as well. There are similar apps out there that let you view and copy files, but this is the first we've seen that lets you mount the device as if it were a standard USB storage device. Best of all, no jailbreak is required!

With PhoneDisk, you can see your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from OSX apps such as the Finder and iPhoto. Because your iDevice shows up in the Finder, you can access the files on it from any application on your Mac. You can even view, edit and store photos on your device without ever going through an iPhoto import. So, what is the price for this nifty app? If you download and install it before September 1st, it's free! Just visit the product page at to download the app and get the serial key for your free copy.

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