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New Music Video Filmed Entirely With An iPhone 4

July 1, 2010

Reportedly taken from concept to completion in 48 hours, Doctor Pants' new music video really shows off the amazing video capabilities of the iPhone 4. Indy-rock band "Doctor Pants" recently used an iPhone 4 as their sole camera to film a full-length music video. According to their blog at, they started putting it together on June, 29th and finished it the very next day. They went from concept to completed production in less than a week after the iPhone 4 was released. The impressive new camera and 720p capture capabilities of the iPhone 4 really shine in this video. It is shot both indoors as well as outdoors, and captures both still and fast moving objects effortlessly.

Dr. Pants "Sarsaparilla Girl" (iPhone 4 Music Video) on Vimeo and YouTube Capabilities like those displayed in this video give us hope that mobile videos will no longer be the grainy, pixelated mess that is commonplace on sites like YouTube. With the improved camera and video quality of the iPhone 4, along with the ability to edit video on the device (with apps like iMovie), Apple has put a video studio in the hands of millions.

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