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OpenAppMkt: Download Web Apps, App Store Style

July 31, 2010

I don't know about you, but web apps are something I've never truly utilized on either my iPhone or iPad. I remember browsing through a list on Apple's site about a year ago, installing a couple, and then forgetting they even existed. However, my recent encounter with OpenAppMkt has irrevocably changed my attitude towards web apps. Essentially, OpenAppMkt is an online App Store for web apps. You can "install" it, in a sense, simply by adding a bookmark of the site to your Homescreen. Alternatively, you can visit the site on your iDevice through Safari by visiting It loads within seconds, and displays an App Store-style interface through which users may browse and "install" web apps on their iDevice.

Obviously, installing these web applications does nothing more than add a bookmark to your Homescreen, much like the OpenAppMkt "app" itself - however, the many well-designed web apps available do look and feel like actual applications. My personal favorite is Flip Clock: it's simple, elegant, and free.

The catalogue of apps is ever-growing, and displays both free and paid web apps. At the moment, OpenAppMkt seems to be in its early days - but in time, I can see this becoming a fantastic resource for iDevice-owning fanboys. So why not head over to OpenAppMkt on your iDevice and check it out? It's nice, having another hoard of apps to check out, alongside the App Store and Cydia. Indeed, with a great many interesting web apps available, you'd be silly not to take advantage of the brilliant OpenAppMkt. And, thanks to iPhone Download Blog for spotting this!

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