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Organize And Trade Your Console Games with GameBook Mobile

July 14, 2010

Have some old console games that you're thinking about trading in? Then you need GameBook Mobile, an upcoming iPhone app for getting you the best deal on your used games.

GameBook Mobile is an upcoming app from Game Trading Technologies, Inc., a company that provides used game trade-in and resale services in partnership with multiple major retail chains. With the GameBook Mobile app, you can easily enter your game collection by scanning the UPC codes on each title. Once you have your collection in the application, you can select which titles you're interested in trading and the app will tell you what your games are worth (and how their values are changing). You can also create a "want list" , add the titles you're looking for, and it will monitor their values as well.

When you decide you're ready to trade, the app can even find the nearest location to take your games. Future versions of the app will be able to process a trade-in on the iPhone, and even buy the titles you want. Todd Hays, President of Game Trading Technologies, Inc. summed it up nicely:
"We have specifically designed GameBook Mobile for those millions of video-gaming consumers so that they are able to make timely, well-informed trade-in decisions for every title, system, and accessory they own,"
Ready to trade in some games? GTTI says GameBook Mobile will be in the App Store "soon." [Source: Press Release]

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