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Osfoora Updated: Avoid If You're Running Any Version Of iOS 3!

July 27, 2010

The popular Twitter application for iPhone, Osfoora, has recently received an update. The new version (1.5), now includes added support for Retina display, enhanced geo-tagging, and unavoidable crashes for iOS 3.x users. Since the update went live, yesterday, iPhone owners running any version of iOS 3 have been confronted with a crash every time they attempt to launch Osfoora. This was confirmed on the app's Twitter page shortly after the update became available:
If u're on iPhone OS 3.x, Please do not update to Osfoora 1.5. Apparently there was a mixup and I will need to submit a fix ASAP. Very Sorry
Since then, the guys at Osfoora have submitted an update ( which they hope will be available "within a week." It's really quite a shame this has happened; the app itself has been praised as a major competitor to the official Twitter app, and has a great many users. Indeed, when running on iOS 4, Osfoora works brilliantly. The added support for Retina display means that when viewed on an iPhone 4, the app looks fantastic. Additionally a whole load of great in-app features (such as tweet a song from library), means users may gain a unique experience when interacting with Twitter through Osfoora. So if you're running iOS 4, be sure to check out the updated version of Osfoora, for Twitter, which is available in the App Store now! However, if you're running any version of iOS 3 avoid this update, and wait for version which will appear within a week. We'll be posting when it does, so stay tuned!

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