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People Of Walmart Invade Your iPhone

July 29, 2010

Sometime after it became acceptable to go to Walmart wearing ridiculous outfits, was formed to make fun of those who did. Now, thanks to a new iPhone app, you can laugh at them anytime you want. Historically businesses have said "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service," anecdotal evidence makes it appear that America's largest retailer has changed their policy to "eh, whatever." Hairstyles and clothing of folklore becomes reality inside your local Walmart where "jorts" and "skullets" regularly make appearances. While the most creative dressers are often at the store when you aren't, camera phones have made it much easier to capture evidence of the elusive prey. Once camera phones evolved into smartphones, sharing these images became more common. The need for a central repository of scary shopper images was seen, and was formed. While it is a fairly new site, it is a great site to watch regularly, gawk and laugh. It's like a zoo, but without any desire to feed the wildlife inside.

Now they have created their own iPhone app, called "Feature Creature - Funny Shoppers," for viewing the site on the go. The odd choice of name is likely to avoid any sort of complaint to the App Store from Walmart's corporate lawyers. While you could always view the site easily from your iPhone, the app adds other features like the ability to bring up a random image by shaking your iPhone. In testing, the app did crash for me a few times when shaking, but I assume this will be fixed in the next update. You can even submit a photo directly from the app, if you've found a subject worthy of the site. On top of the occasional crash issue, the app is notably lacking the ability to run in portrait, as well as any ability to email images or post to social networks. Feature Creature - Funny Shoppers is available for free (ad supported) in the App Store now.

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