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Plan And Share Your Trip With "My Vacation 2.0"

July 7, 2010

If you're planning on taking a trip anytime soon, you should check out "My Vacation 2.0." This recently updated app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a great companion to have with you before, during and after your vacation.

Before your vacation, the app works as a trip organizer. You can use it to create a checklist to make sure you're all packed for your trip. Additionally, it allows you to store all of your flight and hotel information in it. My Vacation 2.0 also stores miscellaneous notes like phone numbers you might need on your trip, as well as, reminders of any last minute things to do before you get on your flight.

During your trip, you can use the app to log all of the places you stop and things you do. You can even use the iPhone's camera to add pictures and video (including GPS data) which adds great details to your travel log. It's easy to use the information in your log to create postcards for sending to friends and family via email. You can also post updates to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr while you are on vacation, or when you get home. After you get home, the app can do a "playback" of your vacation. The "playback" shows your photos, locations, logs and videos that were taken on your trip allowing you to relive the memories and share with your friends. To celebrate the release of the new 2.0 version of My Vacation, it is currently on sale for $.99 in the App Store. Update: It appears the sale has already ended.

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