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Plants Vs. Zombies Updated, Now Crashes For Many Users?

July 27, 2010

The popular iPhone game, Plants vs. Zombies, has recently received a minor update that adds new achievements, language support, and bug fixes. However since the update's release, yesterday, a great many users have been reporting through iTunes that the app crashes every time it's launched. Currently, not much is known about the reasons behind this crash. Unlike the recently-updated-but-crashing Osfoora, PvZ's developer hasn't yet commented on the matter - leaving many afflicted users wondering what on earth has happened:

I downloaded and installed the update moments ago on my iOS 4.0.1-running iPhone 4, and I haven't encountered any sort of crashing issue. It may be that PvZ, like Osfoora, is only crashing for users running iOS 3.x. At the moment nobody is sure. Plants vs. Zombies has yet to receive support for Retina display. Other changes made in this update include the removal of the Michael Jackson zombie, which has infuriated many users more than the crashing-issue has. We'll be reporting as soon as we hear anything more regarding this issue. If you've encountered any problems with PvZ's recent update, be sure to get in touch and let us know about it! Please include your iPhone handset and iOS. Thanks!

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