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Reach Out And Touch... FaceTime?

July 9, 2010

The iPhone's baby brother, the iPod touch, always gets an update a few months after the iPhone. Rumors are already circulating about what new features we may see, and some recent images suggest that FaceTime is one of them. One of the frequent questions asked when FaceTime was first demoed on the iPhone 4 was, "Well, what else will run FaceTime?" The iPod touch seems to be an obvious choice for a second FaceTime device, and based on recent information, it seems pretty feasible. While a recent article on has shown that the iPod touch platform is too thin to accommodate the rear-facing 5MP camera seen in the iPhone 4, it is still thick enough for some form of camera. The current iPod touch model is about 6mm thick, and while the 5MP camera seen in the new iPhone is too thick at 6.5mm, the lower quality front-facing camera is only 2.5mm. At that size, the iPod touch could easily fit one or more cameras with ease. If, at minimum, the iPod touch gets a front-facing camera, then FaceTime is definitely coming.

These recent images, from, show what appears to be a new model iPod touch screen, with a hole for a front-facing camera. Since the iPod touch has no earpiece, a front-facing camera could be centered on the device, above the screen, which is the most optimal position. While there is no way to verify these images are authentic, (not fake or part of an Apple clone), these images do represent a very likely future for the iPod touch.

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