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RedEye IR Dongle Gets A Speedy Recall

July 27, 2010

Just a week ago, we informed you that the RedEye IR dongle that turns your iPhone into a universal remote was finally shipping to customers. Now, it looks like you might have to ship it right back. On July 20th, we reported on that the RedEye dongle was finally shipping four months after its announcement. The tiny dongle plugs in to the iPhone's headphone jack. Coupled with RedEye's universal remote software, you can control most major home electronics like your TV, receiver and Blu-ray player. is currently reporting that ThinkFlood, maker of the RedEye dongle and software,  is recalling all units that are part of Lot C101. RedEye found that the component manufacturer was attaching the headphone plug wiring to the circuit board with only a small piece of foam tape instead of soldering. When the units were put to use, the tape often came loose, causing the wires to also come loose. The loose connections caused erratic behavior or even complete failure of the device. If you bought the RedEye dongle recently, you should visit the recall page at to see if your unit is effected and how to return it.

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