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Share Your Adventures With Jeep TripCast

July 16, 2010

Whether going for a hike, or driving cross country, Jeep has a great program for logging and sharing your trip. In case you're wondering, while an iDevice is required, the Jeep is optional.

TripCast is an easy to use app for tracking your trip progress, as well as making the best of your trip. While GPS software can likely get you to the nearest gas station or Denny's, TripCast can show you "Points of Adventure" along your route. In the app, you can select the types of activities you may be interested in, and it will add those to your map.

TripCast also gives you the ability to post photos, videos, audio clips and notes while on your trip. You can then share all of this information with your friends and family through the app, or by sharing it online through your own private "" URL. The app even connects to sites like Facebook and Twitter to let your friends and followers know how to follow your updates. While this is far from the only vacation planning and sharing app in the App Store, this one is perfect for the outdoor adventurer. Best of all, TripCast is free and available now in the App Store.

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