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New Tracks Available For Guitar Hero iPhone App

July 25, 2010

Great news for fans of the iPhone's Guitar Hero app: four new track-packs are now available to download! Coldplay, Weezer, Breaking Benjamin, and Rise Against are the latest additions to the screen-tapping app, with each optional pack costing the $1.99, and consisting of three popular songs - the details of which can be found below. Personally, I'm not sure whether the $1.99 price-tag is a little extortionate, considering the buyer is only getting three songs - and that the app itself only costs a dollar more. Perhaps $0.99 would have been more reasonable. Obviously Activision are in it to make more cash for themselves, but it would be nicer if their aim wasn't so painfully transparent. However, it is good that Activision hasn't completely forgotten about its iPhone app, and that new track-packs are being offered for faithful players. So if you enjoy wielding the virtual axe in your spare time, be sure to check out these new track-packs, and let us know what you think of them in the comments box at the very bottom of this article. And if you haven't yet experienced the majesty of Guitar Hero for iPhone, be sure to take a look at our review, and check it out in the App Store now! Thanks to Destructoid for spotting this.
Breaking Benjamin Pack: "Breath: "So Cold" "Give Me A Sign" Coldplay Pack: "Clocks" "Viva La Vida" "Yellow" Rise Against Pack: "The Good Left Undone" "Audience of One" "Prayer of the Refugee" Weezer Pack: "The Good Life" "My Name is Jonas" "Pork and Beans"

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