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Get 90% Of Required Textbooks On Your iPad And Save Up To 60%

Get 90% Of Required Textbooks On Your iPad And Save Up To 60%

August 13, 2010
Colleges across the U.S. are testing out the idea of using iPads in place of textbooks. Now, thanks to one company, you can get almost every textbook you need on your iPad in one handy app. CourseSmart is a company that provides digital versions of textbooks from numerous publishers including Macmillan and McGraw-Hill. They estimate that their catalog contains 90% of the core textbooks used for higher education in North America. That is no small feat given the enormous number of textbooks currently in circulation at North American colleges and universities. CourseSmart has now made their entire library available through eTextbooks 2.0, their updated app for the iPad. With CourseSmart's eTextbooks app, you can store all of your books, navigate swiftly through each book, make notes right on the relevant page and then easily retrieve your notes to study later. Forget to bring your iPad to class? You can also access your books from any computer's web browser or through an older iPhone app.

The app is free and the books can be purchased anytime through the home page, which is great for parents. As books are purchased, they are automatically added to the app's bookshelf on the student's iPad. CourseSmart claims that buying their electronic textbooks can save up to 60% off the purchase price of regular textbooks. This can have a very positive impact on struggling college students and their families. So if you or a loved one is heading off to college, make sure and check out and their eTextbook apps for the iPad and iPhone today!

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