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Apple Almost Guarantees App Approval With New Management Pick

Apple Almost Guarantees App Approval With New Management Pick

August 20, 2010
Need to find someone to deal with the worst apps in the App Store? Hire the guy who wrote them. We can only assume this was Apple's thinking when they hired developer Phillip Shoemaker to be the head of the App Store. Most people would agree that it makes sense to hire a developer who has experience in creating and submitting apps. However, a report on suggests that it's the type of apps that this developer has created which may have a lot of people pinching their noses.

One of his unique apps is called Animal Farts, an app that unfortunately delivers on its title. Animal Farts gives you the ability to select different animals and then pick which bodily function sound you want the animal to make. There's not much more to say about that.

The next app worth mentioning is iWiz. This app gives those who tire of fake animal fart sounds the chance to have fake pee. The developer promises that you can impress your friends with your handling of its accelerometer-based "gameplay." At $0.99 each, these apps have sold amazingly well. By that, we mean more than one copy. Luckily, he has made a few apps that don't stink. In fact, he has five apps with no bodily functions at all. You can look at the complete collection on his website, Does Apple's hiring of the mastermind behind these apps stink or is it what the App Store needs to run smoothly? Let us know in the comments box below.

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