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Apple To Show Off New iPods In August?

August 7, 2010

Here's an important date for all the music loving fanboys out there: according to a recent report by MacMagazine (Google Translate), Apple is all set to show off its new iPod line-up on either either August 16 or 17 (Monday, or Tuesday). This comes as something of a surprise, considering Apple usually sends its new iPods to the catwalk somewhere around September. It might be that Steve just can't wait to show his new products off. Or, it might be he can't see the point in keeping them hidden any longer. Indeed, much of what Apple has to show will be expected, with the recent iPod touch leak having left the tech-world wondering what else the company plans to produce. The publication has stated that Apple's touchable iPod will include a front-facing camera (for FaceTime), as well as a rear-facing camera for digital photography. Additionally, a gyroscope will also be included - meaning users can take advantage of the many gyro-centric iPhone 4 games already available in the App Store.

I guess until Apple actually premieres its newest iPod devices, we're going to be left in the dark, still guessing at the extent of its improvements. Last year's iPod event was held on September 9. If these recent rumors are anything to go by, we may be seeing the 2010 event take place almost a month ahead of that date. And, thanks to Apple Insider for spotting this!

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