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Chomp Receives A Remodeling, Including A New App Search Engine

Chomp Receives A Remodeling, Including A New App Search Engine

August 24, 2010 and the Chomp iPhone app have become a big success since their launch in January of this year. The Chomp service has provided users with more than 50 million app recommendations since its debut. Today, Chomp is going beyond app reviews and recommendations to provide a complete app search engine solution. The company isn't dumping the previous app review and recommendation engine but simply adding another tool. Chomp is going to focus more on helping Apple mobile users find the apps they need and want, and use the current service features of recommending particular apps as a helpful addition. The new Chomp app search engine features:
  • Search based on topics as opposed to search by exact app title, the current method for finding apps. You can search with generic terms such as “music”, “video”, or “kids games”. Chomp’s search engine matches the topic query against a range of factors including app title, description, user reviews and ratings to deliver meaningful results.
  • Result ranking. Ranking app search results requires a fundamentally different approach than ranking results for web pages. Chomp’s search technology uses the rich data from user recommendations to return highly relevant & personalized results that were previously not available.
  • Related search topics. Similar to Amazon, Chomp delivers related topics for your searches. Enter "car" and Chomp will suggest "car racing", "navigation" & "gas & mileage" as related topics to explore. Related search topics helps users drill down more quickly to relevant apps.
Chomp's co-founder and CEO feels this is going to make for the most complete app discovery engine and service ever.
“The explosion of iPhone apps is undeniable and we saw that consumers needed a better way to find apps that are right for them,” comments Ben Keighran, co-founder and CEO of Chomp. “One of the biggest user complaints we heard before we started working on Chomp was that it is too hard to discover great apps. We wanted to solve this problem by making discovery through searching & browsing more personalized. Today, with the addition of our app search engine, we now provide that.”
The Chomp v2.0 iPhone app features: Search • Find apps based on the type of app you're looking for, not just app name. For example, search for "astronomy", "concerts", or "shopping lists" • Filter your search results by category or price • See app search results ranked based on user reviews Recommendations • See a list of app recommendations based on your previous app reviews • Follow friends on Facebook and Twitter to see a live stream of their app reviews • Explore a list of apps that have just dropped in price What's new in v2.0 vs. 1.0.10? • New search lets you find apps based on the type of app you're looking for, not just app name. For example, search for "astronomy", "concerts", or "shopping lists" • Beautiful new high resolution UI (with high resolution images for the Retina display) that shows you the on-sale, new and recommended apps you're looking for faster than ever • Supports multi-tasking on compatible iOS 4 devices The Chomp app is designed for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 3.1 or later and is available in the App Store for absolutely free. The new and Chomp iPhone app are available now. [gallery link="file"]

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