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iPhone And iPod To Get FM Radio Chip?

iPhone And iPod To Get FM Radio Chip?

August 17, 2010
According to a recent report by AppleInsider, future iDevices might be having an FM chip forced upon them, in an effort to rapidly expand the radio market. There has been an ongoing debate between the National Association of Broadcasters and musicFirst about whether artists should be paid performance rights when a song they feature in is played on the radio. This has been resolved - studios are to be paid annual performance fees. Yet, the solution hasn't shifted the focus off iDevices: something both groups want to impose an FM radio chip upon. Obviously this has caused something of an uproar. Here's what the Consumer Electronics Association had to say regarding the move:
The back room scheme of the [National Association of Broadcasters] and RIAA to have Congress mandate broadcast radios in portable devices, including mobile phones, is the height of absurdity.
Nothing has been finalized, and it may be that nothing ever will be. At the moment, Apple has yet to comment. We'll be posting if there are any developments to this story. So be sure to check back for regular AppAdvice updates!

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