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Use Your iPhone's Camera To Make A Custom Visa Gift Card

August 3, 2010

App developers have come up with a lot of great uses for the iPhone's camera. Now, one developer has come up with a way to make your own customized Visa gift card with it. The app has been around for some time but has just been updated with a new custom gift card feature. In the app, you can take a picture, or select one from your iPhone's storage, to be used as the background of a Visa gift card. After you select the image, you can choose the amount and where to send the card. Your custom gift card will then be printed and mailed to the lucky recipient.

The app also has the ability to activate gift cards and check balances. If you receive a gift card for a store that's not in your area, the app can even help you find a place to trade in that gift card for cash! Want to buy a retail gift card? The app also lets you buy retail gift cards at discount prices. Gift cards make a perfect gift for any occasion and this app makes giving gift cards a breeze. You can download the free app now in the App Store.

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