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Save The World And Your True Love In Mushroom Age And Mushroom Age HD

August 2, 2010

From G5 Entertainment, the creators of hit titles like Supermarket Mania, comes a hidden object graphic adventure game of mystery, puzzle solving, and heroism. Mushroom Age is the story of a worried woman named Vera who goes searching for her fiancé, Tom, who has been out of contact for a few days. Tom is an assistant at Professor Einbock's research laboratory. Her quest begins at Einbrock's lab, where she finds Tom's cell phone. Despite being forewarned it has been turned into a time machine, Vera uses it and is transported in time. Finding herself in the year 3008, Vera slowly begins to discover that she is not only on a journey to find her husband-to-be, but also responsible to save the world. Mushroom Age places you as the eyes and ears of our heroine, as she looks for clues about her true love's disappearance. Search your way through 23 chapters, broken down into 45 levels of adventures into Earth's past, present, and future. Vera's journey leaves her interacting with robots, dinosaurs, villains, and more, forcing her to solve 41 puzzling tasks or mini-games. iPhone 4 and iPad users will be embraced with high definition graphics, while any iDevice running iOS 4 gets the added advantage of fast app switching. Why call it "Mushroom Age" though?  Well, you'll just have to play to find out. Mushroom Age for iPhone and iPod touch is already available in the App Store for $2.99, while Mushroom Age HD for iPad is available now for $4.99. Below is the short official promotional trailer for Mushroom Age, however, feel free to check out the extended gameplay trailer to see more exciting action.

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