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Steve Jobs Is In A (Liquid) Metal Mood

August 11, 2010

Few materials are more testosterone-inducing than metal. Pair Apple with a revolutionary form of metal, and awesomeness must follow. "Liquidmetal" is a product from Liquidmetal Technologies that has the strength of titanium, the glossy look of liquid, and the pliability of plastic. Liquidmetal is already in use in some sporting goods such as tennis rackets and snow skis, and a few limited electronics. A recent posting on states that Apple has entered into a lifetime agreement with the company giving Apple the exclusive rights to use Liquidmetal in consumer electronics.

Liquidmetal can be formed into almost any shape, which gives the engineers at Apple new opportunities for innovative design. Liquidmetal is also incredibly strong and resilient, meaning a paper-thin shell for an iPhone or iPod would be virtually scratch and dent proof while maintaining a mirror finish. While many have questioned the artistic choice to put a glass back on the iPhone 4, this material would give Apple the ability to put an artistic, but durable, chrome-look casing in its place. While simply entering into an agreement provides no information on what Apple plans to do with Liquidmetal, or when. The exclusivity means the competition won't be able to replicate it when they do. It's possible we may not see this for years, if ever. Apple filed a patent in 2006 for a special shiny and durable ceramic material that would make a great iDevice body, but it has yet to make it into any products in the past four years. So is this agreement being done in advance of launching an iPod touch with Liquidmetal cases in September? Is it Apple's plan for a new great-looking iPhone 5 without the antenna issues? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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