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Help Bust The Bad Guys In NCIS: The Game From The TV Show

Help Bust The Bad Guys In NCIS: The Game From The TV Show

September 7, 2010
GameHouse has teamed up with CBS Interactive in order to bring you the official NCIS game for mobile platforms. NCIS: The Game from the TV Show for iPhone and iPod touch, and NCIS: The Game from the TV Show for iPad, serve up five cases for you to crack alongside your favorite crime solving TV show characters.
"Mobile is a key digital platform to further engage the existing fan base for shows like NCIS, as well as CBS' other enormously popular franchises," said Rob Gelick, Senior Vice President and General Manager of CBS Mobile. "NCIS: The Game from the TV Show is a perfect companion for anyone who enjoys the thrill of sleuthing alongside their favorite characters from the show. Now, in addition to watching NCIS, viewers can actually participate first-hand in solving the crimes via this mobile game."
Join Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, Probationary NCIS Special Agent Ziva David, Special Agent Timothy McGee, Doctor Donald "Ducky" Mallard and Forensic Specialist Abby Sciuto, as you help put the complex mess of crime scene evidence together to find the murderers before it's too late. The five crime scenes, created by the NCIS show writers and crew, will provide hours of intensity as you take part in the entire range of crime solving activities. Scavenge a crime scene to find those crucial pieces of evidence, then take them back to the lab for analysis. You'll need to perform fingerprint matching, chemical testing, autopsies, and more. When you think you have enough evidence to put a final list of suspects together, join in stake-outs to try and catch these heartless criminals in the act. As usual, most suspects won't go down without a fight. Be a part of the interrogation process to get all of the information you need from these scumbags. You can choose to be the sensitive, caring helpful type of agent, or one that's strictly down to business; it's your call. Options include the ability to resume a case at a later time, enable or disable vibrate, enable or disable tutorials and hints, turn sound on or off, and even play your own music in the background. To make a playlist, just go into the Options section of the game and tap on iPod. NCIS: The Game from the TV Show for iPhone and iPod touch and NCIS: The Game from the TV Show for iPad are available for a limited time discount in the App Store at $2.99 each. Regular price will be $4.99 for iPhone and iPod touch, with the iPad version getting a price tag of $5.99. [gallery link="file"]

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