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Game Center Friend List Limited To 500 People?

Game Center Friend List Limited To 500 People?

September 13, 2010
If you've been desperately adding anybody and everybody on Game Center in the hopes of gaining a supermassive friends list, then don't. Because we've just heard from @MuscleNerd that Game Center friend lists are actually capped at 500 people. Once you reach this limit, the only way to gain a new friend is to drop an old one. Obviously, this is a pretty high target for anybody to reach (I have a massive SIX friends, and will probably never see 100, let alone 500). But, for tech-celebs like MuscleNerd who've published their Game Center ID to Twitter, this cap does limit the amount of pals they can game with on their iPhone handsets. As you can see from the screenshot above, MuscleNerd posted a Twitter update regarding the cap (which you can also read below).
So much for my not-so-secret plan to break GameCenter! They're capping my friend count at 500 (as soon as I delete 1, I get 1 new request).
Most of us won't ever get anywhere near this limit. But it is worth knowing, just in case you were going to try. If you already have an impressive number of friends on Game Center, be sure to post the figure in the comments below. We'd love to hear! [Thanks to JT for the tip!]

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