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iOS 4.1 Brings Field Test Mode Back To The iPhone

iOS 4.1 Brings Field Test Mode Back To The iPhone

September 9, 2010
Some of the older generation iPhone owners among you may remember Field Test mode; an archaic feature of the iOS which allowed users to view a numerical figure for their handset's signal strength (see above screenshot). Well, according to MacRumors, this handy feature has reappeared in iOS 4.1, following the infamous Antennagate fiasco. Now, iPhone owners can check out exactly what their iPhone's signal strength is in numbers. No need for those pesky signal bars any more! Here's how you do it:
- First, upgrade your iPhone 4 -- or any iPhone -- to iOS 4.1. - Dial *3001#12345#* on your phone [and press Call]. - To exit Field Test mode, click the Home button.
But, what do the numbers mean? Well, according to AnandTech, your iPhone should be able to hold calls at around -113db, but no lower. Hopefully that'll put your signal strength in perspective for you. Also, please bear in mind that as these numbers are negative, the higher they are, the worse your signal is. Calls can be made at around -113db, though a weaker signal than this (such as -115db) will probably not allow your iPhone handset to make a call. And, don't forget: Field Test mode also allows users to monitor exactly how "death gripping" your iPhone 4 takes its toll on signal strength. If you manage to come up with a figure, be sure to post it in the comments!

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