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Review: Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '10 - Are You Ready For Some Fantasy Football?


Football season is upon us, and for some that also means Fantasy Football season. You don't want to go into your fantasy draft blind, but luckily there are many resources out there to give you all the stats and details you could want. One such source is Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet ‘10 which is a universal app giving you details about every potential draftee for your draft day.


The app includes every skill position player with details about average draft position, projected points scored, and stats from last year. There is also news about each player, and you can input custom scoring options based on your league with adjusted projected rankings. The app allows for studying before the draft, and the ability to use it during the draft by marking players to your team or taken by another team so you can always see who is now available.

The Good

If you've ever done a fantasy draft then you know that an app like this can come in handy. No matter the site your doing your draft on you never can really trust the rankings of Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS Sportsline,, Foxsports, etc. Also none of them have quite a full load of information. You can decide right at your pick who to select by analyzing average draft position to see if you’re reaching or not. Then look at the stats for the past two years plus projected for this year. The app truly provides a wealth of information for even the most diehard fantasy fan. The interface is nice and clean to give you a ton of information at once right at your fingertips. The ability to customize the scoring settings, and manually rank players before the draft is super simple and great additions. It's easy to switch tabs between available and taken players, as well as spot who is taken on the big board.

The Bad

The app requires more taps then you would like to add players to your team or others. You can fall behind, and then think players are available who aren't, and a little more streamlined interface could help. The availability of players and projected stats can be found for free during most drafts, so paying for this info isn't really necessary. A depth chart of NFL teams would be a nice inclusion so you can see how the wideouts or runners stack up on a team. I’d like to see if there's a two headed running attack, or a solid second wide receiver for when the primary one is double covered to really analyze the stats they'll pick up this year.

The Verdict

Fantasy Football Cheatsheet ‘10 is a great app to have for your fantasy draft. The app provides tons of info in a well implemented interface to make sure you’re prepared. Some of the info can be found for free, but there's no doubt this app itself can improve your draft. For $2.99 Fantasy Football Cheatsheet is worth it, and here's to the best of luck for your fantasy season. Be sure to check out our fantasy football appguide for a wider look at fantasy football apps in the App Store.
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Review: Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '10 - Are You Ready For Some Fantasy Football?

Review: Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '10 - Are You Ready For Some Fantasy Football?