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Road Hog - A Great iPhone Game, Free For This Weekend Only!

Road Hog - A Great iPhone Game, Free For This Weekend Only!

September 18, 2010
Road Hog, the fantastic new iPhone game we told you about not so long ago, is free for this weekend only! If you're an iPhone or iPod touch owner who loves arcade driving games, be sure to hit the App Store as soon as possible and get your free copy of this great game. Road Hog allows gamers to take control of a small, miniature car, and drive along an endless highway. But that's not all: while driving, you've got to be sure to manoeuvre your vehicle around the various obstacles which will occasionally block your path. While doing this, it's also important to collect as many stars as possible. As you can see, Road Hogs is a game with a variety of goals - though your priority is simple to survive. Gamers have three lives, and crashing into an obstacle removes one of these lives. Once all three have done, the game ends, and you have to start over again. Players can steer their car by simple touching their iDevice's screen, which is handy. Additionally, along the road a variety of weapons are scattered for the collecting. If you can drive over one, then a missile launcher might be added to your car. Other treats include additional lives, prolonging your radical road trip. So, be sure to download Road Hogs for free before the weekend is over! And, be sure to let us know your thoughts regarding the game in the comments at the bottom of this article! [gallery]

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