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Special Event: Apple Announces Expected Apple TV Upgrade

September 1, 2010
Apple has just announced its expected upgrade to Apple TV at the company's planned special event. Speaking from center stage, Steve Jobs stated that the upgraded version is still to be called "Apple TV". The device will include ports for power, ethernet, and HDMI - along with built-in Wi-Fi so that users may access the Internet wirelessly. Alongside Apple TV is a new simple remote, which is as small and elegant as you'd expect. Sadly, this new version of Apple TV does not run iOS, which means users will not be able to access the App Store and reap its benefits on TV sets. This is a major disappointment, as many were sure the upgrade might run a version of Apple's iOS operating system. However, the new version does bring $0.99 TV episode rentals, which is a consolation. In addition, the new version of Apple TV will also be able to support streaming, NetFlix, YouTube, and it'll be able to link up with your iDevice! The new version of Apple TV will be available in four weeks, for the price of $99. Be sure to check back for regular updates, and stay tuned for further special event news! [gallery]

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