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Suppliers Prepare For Second-Gen iPad: Coming Q1, 2011?

Suppliers Prepare For Second-Gen iPad: Coming Q1, 2011?

September 17, 2010
Not long ago, we told you that the second-generation iPad might be hitting stores as early as Q1, 2011. The main new feature of iPad 2.0 is expected to be FaceTime. The upcoming device is rumored to include a couple of cameras which will make video calling from the device a reality. Today, Apple Insider reports that suppliers are preparing for the second generation iPad. According to its source:
Component suppliers of iPad are expected to start shipments for the second generation iPad at the beginning of 2011.
Pretty soon, right? Apple usually upgrades its products every twelve months. As the iPad was launched last April, a Q1 2011 second-gen launch would be a few months ahead of what we all might expect. Personally, I think Apple is desperate to roll out FaceTime on all its devices. The service, which premiered on the iPhone 4, made its way to the fourth generation iPod touch recently. We also heard that Apple plans to launch a desktop version of its video calling service, through iChat, as well as a Windows application. If this happens, it would be impossible for Apple to release a FaceTime-less iPad in 2011. And, if the new device was to hit stores in April, many would think FaceTime has come to the iPad too late. So, perhaps a Q1 release does makes sense. We'll be posting if we hear anything more, so be sure to check back at AppAdvice for updates! And, in the meantime, let us know your thoughts regarding the second generation iPad in the comments below.

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