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Cydia - Ten Essential Tweaks And Apps

Cydia - Ten Essential Tweaks And Apps

October 23, 2010
Whether Apple likes it or not, it's impossible to deny that jailbroken iPhones are a reality. In 2010, more and more people are jailbreaking their iDevices in the hopes of gaining access to interesting apps and tweaks; the likes of which Apple has often banned from the App Store. However, with one massive jailbreak store available - Cydia - finding these precious apps and tweaks can be something of a nightmare. Which are better than others? Which are safe to download and install? Worry not, iDevice fans, AppAdvice has the answer. Read on to discover exactly which apps and tweaks you should be sporting on your jailbroken iDevice. They're alphabetized, so don't go thinking the first app is more important than the last. You should have each and every one of these jailbreak treats installed on your iDevice by the end of the day, trust me.


Activator gives users complete control when it comes to iDevice customization. Say, for example, you want to reboot your iPhone with a simple double press of the Home button - presto: Activator can make this possible. You can assign actions to any iDevice gesture - even shaking your handset, tapping its screen, and swiping it can result in something "magical" happening. Activator is currently available in Cydia, via the BigBoss repository.


Personally, I think biteSMS is one of the best jailbreak apps available at the moment. It's available for the iPhone only, and promises to change the way you send SMS text messages from your handset. The application is free (ad supported), though users do have the option of purchasing a license for £5.95 (around $9.33). However, for most of bite SMS' features, ad support won't matter - because you won't be able to see them. My favorite features are Quick Compose, and Quick Reply. First, Quick Compose: this clever feature allows users to access a pop-up SMS messaging screen by simply touching one of the volume controls. The messaging screen will jump up wherever you are - regardless of whether you're at the lock screen, Home screen, or in an application. After sending the SMS message, the Quick Compose screen vanishes as quickly as it appeared. Second, Quick Reply: whenever you get an SMS message while using biteSMS, a pop-up screen appears displaying the message. From here, users can reply to the text (initiating a Quick Compose-style window), or close the Quick Reply window, leaving the SMS message for later. A variety of other features, such as Scheduled SMS, Delivery Reports, and Passcode Lock, are also included in biteSMS. For more information, check out the biteSMS website.


Cycorder is a great jailbreak video recording app. Obviously, iPhone 3GS and 4 owners already have the ability to record video on their handsets. But, iPhone 3G owners don't, which is a shame. Thankfully, saurik (the guy behind Cydia) managed to develop Cycorder; an application which allows iPhone 2G and 3G handsets to record video. Cycorder is available now through Cydia, for free - so be sure to check it out if you're an iPhone 2G/3G owner!


FaceTime, Apple's video calling feature which is available on iPhone 4 and iPod touch (4G) devices, is great. However, it does have its limitations; the key being that users can only enjoy FaceTime while connected to Wi-Fi. This means FaceTime on the go isn't much of a possibility. Yet, thanks to a clever tweak called FaceBreak, this issue can easily be resolved. FaceBreak is available for the minuscule price of $1.49, and once installed it will allow iPhone 4 owners to make FaceTime calls while connected to a 3G network. We told you about FaceBreak a couple of months ago, so be sure to take a look at our article for more information! FaceBreak is available in Cydia via the BigBoss repository.


LockInfo is an interesting tweak which allows iPhone and iPod touch users to customize their lock screens with helpful information (see screenshot). Users can have LockInfo display the weather, any missed calls, voicemails, emails, or SMS messages, and any upcoming calendar events. It's a great tweak, but it does come at a price. Currently, this is $4.99 - however, the price is going up to $7.99 on November, 7. So, if you're thinking of buying LockInfo, do so soon!


MyWi is a famous jailbreak application which allows iDevice owners to turn their iPhone or iPad into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, which users can then logon to from their laptop. Unlike the iPhone's native tethering option, MyWi allows users to Internet tether wirelessly, which is definitely an advantage. The option of USB tethering is also offered. Personally, my UK carrier is pretty reasonable with Internet tethering charges, so I generally just tether up the Apple-approved way. However, if your carrier won't allow you to enable tethering or charges too much, be sure to take a look at MyWi. It's available now in Cydia, and even comes with a free trial - though following the end of the trial, users will have to pay $19.99 to continue using MyWi.


SBSettings is an extremely popular app, and rightly so, because it's great. Essentially, SBSettings allows jailbroken iPhone users to quickly and easily access their key iPhone settings by simply swiping across the top of the iPhone. After swiping, a drop-down menu appears (see left), with a variety of buttons. One disables 3G, another disables Wi-Fi, and another switches off Bluetooth. However, the great thing with SBSettings, is the add-ons. Users can search in Cydia for certain tweaks which you can add to SBSettings, making your iPhone all the more customized. Oh, and the best thing about this great jailbreak app? The price: SBSettings is free.


Synchronicity is a clever, simple tweak for your jailbroken iPhone. It allows iPhone owners to continue using their handset while it syncs with iTunes. Sadly, the tweak isn't free; currently, Synchronicity is retailing in the Cydia Store for $2.00. However, this isn't much, and the tweak is incredibly handy. So check it out!


If you love custom themes, then Winterboard is definitely the jailbreak application for you. Essentially, Winterboard allows iPhone users to install custom themes on their handsets, like the one to the left (which is a mock-Mac theme). Personally, I'm not so hot on themes, what's wrong with the look of the iOS? And, I'm not entirely sure how many people are turning to Winterboard, since Apple introduced custom backgrounds in iOS 4. However, it would be impossible to leave it out of this list. If you want complete control over your iPhone's appearance, check out Winterboard.


YourTube is a great modification which allows users of the iPhone and iPad's native YouTube application to easily download videos. Once you've installed the tweak (YourTube, YourTube 2 for iOS 4 users, and YourTube HD for iPad users), a new tab will be available in the YouTube iDevice app, called "Downloads." Unlike MxTube, which also allows iDevice owners to download YouTube videos, YourTube works in the YouTube application. However, unlike MxTube, YourTube comes with a price: $5.00. Obviously, this is a lot - so if you're on a tight budget, stick with MxTube. However, if you can afford it, YourTube is worth the price.

That's it!

So folks, there you have it. The AppAdvice essential jailbreak tweaks and apps list is complete. All that's left is for you all to hit Cydia hard and check them out! As always, feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below, along with any questions you might have.

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