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FarmVille Goes Universal: Bring Your Agriculture Skills To The Bigger Screen Real Estate

FarmVille Goes Universal: Bring Your Agriculture Skills To The Bigger Screen Real Estate

October 21, 2010
FarmVille was originally released as a Facebook app back in June of 2009. A year later, Zynga released it for the iPhone. Today, we have a native version for the iPad. FarmVille is an agriculture simulation game that takes reach into the online social-networking community. Now you can create, expand, and upgrade as many farms as your big rural heart desires. You'll be responsible for crops, livestock, and even helping your neighboring farmers with certain tasks. As things progress, you earn experience points to level-up, and earn some gold coins by selling livestock and processed crops. Leveling up unlocks additional items to purchase, such as tractors, seeders, biplanes, combines, and more. Gold doesn't just allow you to purchase the essentials, but you can also purchase decorative upgrades and expand your acreage. Even though the game, like other simulation titles, requires routine attention, your crops take time to grow, fuel takes time to regenerate, and so on. If you're an impatient grower, you can splurge on re-fueling and other items sooner, but some require you to spend some real-life cash to get it. However, that's your call to make. The iOS version includes exclusive items, support for background multitasking, and the ability to manage multiple FarmVille accounts. Speaking of account management, you can access your farms from your iDevice, Android mobile device, or even computer's web browser exactly where you left off because your farm is stored online. FarmVille is now a universal iOS app, which allows for native compatibility with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Multitasking abilities require a compatible device running iOS 4.0 or later. FarmVille by Zynga is available as a free download in the App Store.

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