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Interested In The Physics Of Angry Birds?

Interested In The Physics Of Angry Birds?

October 18, 2010
If you're an Angry Birds fan who has an interest in the field of physics, then you're in for a treat. Because recently, Rhett Allain (a professor at Southeastern Louisiana University) has written a Wired Dot Physics post examining the physics of Rovio's highly addictive iDevice game. So, what did Allain discover? Well, quite a few things. First, those little birds we know and love aren't little at all: they're massive. For example, the red bird stands a huge 70cm (aprox. 27.5 inches) tall! Additionally, he discovered that the slingshot is 5 meters (aprox. 16.4 feet) tall, and that the birds exist in a world free of air resistance. The original post is very interesting, and definitely worth checking out if you spend more time playing Angry Birds than you do completing your physics homework. And, thanks to TUAW for spotting this!

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