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Jailbreak Only: iBluever - Mobile Internet For Your iPod Touch?

October 4, 2010
If you own an iPod touch, chances are you've often wished your iOS device could access the Internet on the go. With an App Store almost full to the brim with applications which require access to the Internet, it can sometimes be hard moving around with an "offline" device. You can't answer emails, check Facebook, update Twitter, or do any of the things you love doing when connected to a Wi-Fi network. However, as with most issues, the jailbreak community has a solution. And, that solution is iBluever. iBluever allows iPod touch owners to connect to a nearby phone's mobile broadband through Bluetooth. Impressive, right? Obviously, users are first required to jailbreak their device. Once that has been achieved, iBluever is available through the BigBoss repository for a mere $5, a simple search will find the package. As iSpazio reports (Google Translate), iBluever works like a charm. It's definitely a great means by which iPod owners can get online while outside of a Wi-Fi network. Even if you save iBluever for use only in emergencies, it's easily worth its $5 price tag. For more information on iBluever, be sure to check out the app's blog, or iSpazio's great hands on article, here (Google Translate). And, if you decide to purchase iBluever, do let us know how this jailbreak treat works for you in the comments below!

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