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MotionX GPS Drive Now Interacts With Wikipedia And Facebook Places

MotionX GPS Drive Now Interacts With Wikipedia And Facebook Places

October 22, 2010
MotionX GPS Drive v7.0 for iPhone and MotionX GPS Drive HD v6.0 for iPad 3G are out and add a couple of nifty features, which are the first to be introduced into any turn-by-turn application for iOS. These latest releases by Fullpower-MotionX let you locate Facebook friends, find locations noted on Wikipedia, and make custom waypoints with ease.
“The Fullpower team is committed to continual MotionX innovation for the iPhone and the iPad,” said Philippe Kahn, CEO and founder of Fullpower-MotionX.
Something that will likely be a huge convenience for those who convene with those that use Facebooks's new Places service will be GPS Drive's new ability to give quick access to your friend's latest check-ins. You can sort the entries by name, date, or proximity to your current location. If you notice someone that has very recently checked in nearby, a couple quick taps will get you surprising them in no time. Wikipedia has a vast database of information, from the history of Apple, Inc. to a line of succession to the British throne. However, the free online encyclopedia also offers information on points-of-interest (POI). When you pull up the Wikipedia search section of the latest GPS Drive versions, you'll be shown a list of Wiki articles that have GeoInfo data with nearby coordinates. You can also display these entries on the map, plus tap on them to read the Wikipedia article. Think of it like an additional POI database, one with much-less known but possibly interesting destinations. Last but not least, I wish to inform you of a a new featured called TapTap. TapTap is a new method for GPS Drive where you can double tap anywhere, and any time, on the navigation map to add a custom waypoint. You can use it to add an unplanned stop or just point to a location that you may not be able to locate easily by business name or specific address. MotionX GPS Drive is available in the App Store for at a limited time discounted price of $.99, with MotionX GPS Drive HD sporting its own limited time price of $2.99. [gallery link="file"]

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