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Sparkle The Game Available For Only $.99 For A Limited Time

Sparkle The Game Available For Only $.99 For A Limited Time

October 4, 2010
For a limited time, 10tons is giving iDevice fans a 66% price discount on their Sparkle the Game orb launching game as a way to celebrate the recent addition of Game Center. To save Crowberry Woods, you'll need to match at least three same colored orbs using the orb slinger. Your slinger is positioned in the middle of the level and you need to eliminate the orbs before they make their way to the black hole abyss. Tap anywhere on the map to fire your orb in whatever direction you think it needs to go. Tap on your slinger to switch between the currently loaded orb and the next one in line. Matching large chains and multiple chains in a row will help you earn power-ups. If you're fortunate enough, you can also uncover up to 10 different powerful amulets. Power-ups and amulets are capable of anything from turning a group of orbs the same color to blasting a chunk of orbs away. Just fire an orb at an amulet or powerup to gain its ability. Make your way through the Quest to save the world of Crowberry Woods and unlock levels for play in Challenge or Survival modes. Challenge mode dares you to complete the levels in the least amount of time possible on four different difficulties. Sparkle v1.0.6 introduced Game Center achievements, giving you even more to strive for. There are 22 achievements listed with 650 points to earn, but 10tons has included some secret achievements for you to discover, if you can. Sparkle the Game is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 3.0 or later and available in the App Store for a mere $.99. 10tons doesn't give any hints to us for how long the price will remain, "but it will end soon." Interested gamers should jump on it as soon as possible, and be sure to double-check the price listed within the App Store before clicking or tapping that Buy Now button. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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