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Apple Bans Single-Station Radio Apps?

Apple Bans Single-Station Radio Apps?

November 25, 2010
According to a recent report by 9to5Mac, Apple has started banning single-station radio apps from the App Store. Jim Barcus, president of DJ Radio Apps, recently had ten of his single-station radio applications rejected from the App Store. Upon contacting Apple to ask why this had happened, he was told:
Single station app are the same as a FART app and represent spam in the iTunes store… [Apple] will no longer approve any more radio station apps unless there are hundreds of stations on the same app.
Furthermore, Steve Jobs told Barcus:
Sorry, we’ve made our decision.
The news comes following the release of PURE Lounge, a new iOS application which offers users 16,000 digital radio stations to listen to. Obviously, it is apparent that single-station radio applications aren't necessarily needed when apps like PURE Lounge are available. But, does that make single-station radio apps as pointless as the infamous FART app? Should they be treated as spam? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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