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The Beatles Have Arrived In The iTunes Store!

The Beatles Have Arrived In The iTunes Store!

November 16, 2010
Apple has just announced the availability of The Beatles' entire catalog in the iTunes Store. The news, which hit minutes ago, comes following 24 hours of serious speculation. Yesterday we were teased with a major iTunes-related announcement when Apple splashed this message across its front page:

Soon after, we heard from The Wall Street Journal that the upcoming announcement involved the addition of The Beatles' catalog in Apple's iTunes Store, following many years of disagreement and legal warfare. We now know this rumor was true. Sadly, this does mean that we're not getting iTunes in the cloud, wireless syncing, or any other iTunes treat we might have been hoping for. Personally, while I don't dislike The Beatles, I am disappointed that this is the extent of Apple's iTunes announcement. After all, I've had a variety of Beatles albums in my iTunes library for years now - so I can't really get too excited over their availability in the iTunes Store. What do you think? Are you content with the iTunes announcement, or like me, were you hoping for something more? Let us know in the comments below.

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