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Looks Like Instagram App Is A Game Changer After All

Looks Like Instagram App Is A Game Changer After All

November 2, 2010
Perhaps we were wrong. It looks like the Instagram app is indeed becoming a game changer. Just a month after its debut in the App Store, 500,000 users have downloaded the picture taking app. Not bad for developer Burbn, Inc., which until Instagram, had yet to publish an app. As I said in early October, what makes the app cool is its social networking integration. After taking a photo and then editing it from within the app, users can share the photos with friends on Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr or Foursquare. Sure, apps like Tumblr or TwitPic have done this for a while now. But, not in a way that is so simple. As The Business Insider concludes:
Instagram works quickly and doesn't feel weighed down with a bunch of useless features or bad UI. This attention to speed, cleanliness, and detail matters, even if it's a subjective trait.
How big is Instagram? According to TechCrunch the app doubled its usage on October 30 alone, which just happened to be the night before Halloween for many people. Did we mention the Instagram app is absolutely free in the App Store? Get it today.

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