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iTunes Connect Will Close For The Holidays: December 23-28

iTunes Connect Will Close For The Holidays: December 23-28

November 10, 2010
Apple has recently told iOS developers that iTunes Connect will close for the holidays. As MacStories reports, the service will close on December 23, and will reopen on December 28. Here's how Apple announced it:
iTunes Connect will be temporarily unavailable from Thursday, December 23 through Tuesday, December 28 for the winter holidays. iTunes Connect access will be back online for use on December 29. If you choose to set an available date for your app to go live during the scheduled holiday shutdown, your app will not go live on the App Store until iTunes Connect resumes for business on December 29. Please plan your releases accordingly.
Previously, we'd heard that Apple was planning on "locking down" the App Store for Thanksgiving, as well as Christmas. However, now we know that this isn't going to happen. Instead, iTunes Connect will shut down for Christmas, but will reopen before the end of the year. Developers, be sure to do as Apple says, and "plan your releases accordingly."

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