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Jailbreak Only: Pull To Refresh Comes To Mail App At Last

Jailbreak Only: Pull To Refresh Comes To Mail App At Last

November 29, 2010
It's been months since we first heard about the arrival of a jailbreak tweak that would bring the pull to refresh metaphor to the iPhone's native mail app. Well, we're glad to tell you that it has finally seen the light, and is now available for download. First invented by Loren Brichter, for Twitter for iPhone (previously known as Tweetie 2), Pull To Refresh is that smart gesture that allows you to ask the app to refresh by pulling down the view. It's a great gesture and we've recently started seeing it all over the App Store, including inside the Facebook app. Now open-source, we're still waiting for Apple to adopt it, and they should. In the meantime however, Pull To Refresh for mail, available on Cydia, will allow jailbroken users to add it to the native app themselves. It's really amazing. It feels so native that you'll right away feel like it's always been there. Also, it's obviously way more convenient to use then having to tap the refresh button at the lower left of your screen. So don't hesitate, and go check it out on Cydia now. It's called Pull To Refresh for Mail and it's available free of charge. Then, make sure to tell us if you like as much as we do.

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