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Phantom FaceTime Calls - A Bug In The iOS, Or Apple's FaceTime System?

Phantom FaceTime Calls - A Bug In The iOS, Or Apple's FaceTime System?

November 29, 2010
According to a wide variety of reports, many iPhone and iPod touch users across the globe received a "phantom" FaceTime call over the weekend, at around the same time. The news, which appeared on iSpazio yesterday, has also been discussed in Apple's support forums. A great many iDevice users have received "fake" calls, while others have noted that their iPhone or iPod touch has automatically made a call to someone else, by itself. These "phantom calls" were all reportedly made at 6:30 PM PST, 9:30 PM EST, 2:30 AM GMT and 3:30 AM GMT+1 on Saturday, November 27th (US) and Sunday, November 28th (EU), as MacStories notes. As of this moment, the event is believed to have been an isolated issue. No further reports of "phantom calls" have been made. Furthermore, the bug affected a wide variety of users running iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2.1 (both regular, and jailbroken handsets). Here's what affected iDevice owners have been saying:
Facetime made a few phone calls on its own, setting off panic buttons all around the world to random people on my address book. Following many emails and worried phone calls this morning, I launched Facetime and there were no records of any ‘recent calls’.
The same thing just happened to us, at 2 AM. My FaceTime called my husband’s phone, but when I looked at my phone no calls where being made from it. 5 mins later the reverse happened.
Add my experience to the list. The phantom call happened at the same time. According to my brother that has an iPhone, I attempted to FaceTime him at 9:27pm from my MacBook. I was in a movie at the time.
As of this moment, Apple Support hasn't commented on the issue. We'll keep you posted on the "phantom" FaceTime calls enigma. In the meantime, let us know whether you received a "phantom" FaceTime call over the weekend in the comments below! [Image credit: iSpazio]