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Camera+ Returns, But Is It Too Late?

Camera+ Returns, But Is It Too Late?

December 22, 2010
Before being pulled by Apple, Camera+ was one of the top selling photo apps in the App Store. Now, the app has returned, but it faces an uncertain future. Developed by tap tap tap, the iPhone/iPod touch app had quite a following until it was taken offline in August. Camera+ included an Easter Egg which allowed users to use the iPhone’s volume control to snap pictures. This violated Apple’s iPhone Developer Program License Agreement, and led to its demise.

However, Camera+ is back without the Easter Egg. The new version also comes without its signature SLR screen. This made the app unique but was cumbersome to use. In its place is a completely new user interface. Among the changes:
  • Improved Touch Focus and Touch Exposure
  • New Cyanotype, Tailfins, and Depth of Field effects.
  • In-app purchasing of effects
While the app is better than ever, it might not get much traction this time around. One of its selling points was its ability to share photos on Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr with one click. Since then, the free Instagram app, which includes those same features, debuted to rave reviews. Camera+ is currently priced at $.99 in the App Store. Its success will largely depend on whether users are willing to pay for something they can get elsewhere for free.

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