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UK Only: T-Mobile Now Retailing 16GB iPad + 3G Devices For £200?

UK Only: T-Mobile Now Retailing 16GB iPad + 3G Devices For £200?

December 3, 2010
T-Mobile UK is now offering 16GB iPad + 3G devices. Furthermore, if you sign up for a data contract, the price of your 9.7" device will be slashed. As you can see from the above screenshot, T-Mobile UK is offering iPads for £199.99, when customers take out a £27.00/month contract. This grants users 1GB of data, plus 1GB of "quiet time" data (which is data used between midnight and 10am). Additionally, existing T-Mobile UK customers can get the same deal, for £25.00/month. Both of these are 24 month contracts. If you'd rather "pay as you go," then T-Mobile has a variety of options available for you. Customers can buy data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis:
  • 500MB/day for £2.00/day
  • 1GB/week for £7.00/week
  • 2GB/month for £15.00/month
However, if you choose a "pay as you go" plan, the price of the iPad will jump up to £529.99. Currently, Apple's Online Store has iPads available for £529.00, with free shipping. So, buying one from there will save you £0.99 (don't laugh - it's the price of an app!). We first heard about this offer last month, when it was noted that Orange and T-Mobile UK would offer iPads for £200. Unsurprisingly, Orange is offering exactly the same deal, on its online store. Would you take out a two year contract in order to save cash on the iPad's retail price? Let us know in the comments below. And, thanks to TiPb for spotting this!

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