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The Pendulum Intended For Is Nearly Through

The Pendulum Intended For Is Nearly Through

January 25, 2011
It isn't earth-shattering important, nor was it even unpredictable, but it seems the beloved email suffix will soon fully fade away. After existing for more than a decade, the small smile that some of us get knowing how we promote our Apple and Steve Jobs appreciation with every email sent is being snuffed out completely with little warning from Apple. A few days ago, MacStories became aware of a disappointing concern going on in the Apple Support Discussion boards. User Julian Wright is the thread author who highlighted and ultimately confirmed Apple's decision to place the next to final nail in the coffin for using iOS 4.2. Wright links to a couple month old Apple Knowledge Base document, "MobileMe: email address changes to on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 4.2," and kindly supplies the transcript of a recent online live chat with a MobileMe support agent, who does confirm Apple's actions. Here is a portion of the transcript.
Customer 5:28 p.m.: I wanted to know if this is a permanent change, and email addresses are going to be prevented from use in the future? Advisor 5:30 p.m.: Unfortunately is abandoned... Customer 5:31 p.m.: Abandoned completely? From when will email addresses no longer be able to be used? Advisor 5:33 p.m.: your address will be automatically replaced by But if someone send you a message to you will be able to get the message same if your iPhone is setting up with
Apple's plans to eliminate the former will be bridged by a stepping stone email alias and forwarding approach. Those who have had their email address setup before iOS 4.2 are safe, for now. Apple's suggestion for those who have already updated to iOS 4.2, and who've registeredĀ  for Apple's online service before MobileMe launched, can use their computer to sync the email account information, without it automatically changing to I've come down to the point in this article where I toss in my personal opinion of this particular situation. To summarize things as simply as possible, I have a bit of angst and anger towards Jobs and company. Honestly, it seems many will likely follow with the same expression of this blindsided tactic from Apple.
When will this ability to send email as be turned off? And when was Apple planning on telling its email address users?
I've been a longstanding Apple supporter of their computers (desktop and portable), mobile devices (iPod touch and IPhone), and even their services. My trust and investment in the fruit named company includes the short-lived eWorld ISP, the beginning of Apple's 'cloud' services ITools, and beyond. After all of that, I'm proud displaying myself as a "Mac" guy. What's the fun of being a "Me" guy? Regardless of the fact that this plan has been in motion for some time, I plan on making my stance clear. To all of those with me, feel free to send a respectful message of feedback to the MobileMe team about your passion to remain being identified as a Mac guy or girl. [Apple logo and .Mac globe copyright Apple, Inc.]

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