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Review: Swap This! - Go Fish

Review: Swap This! - Go Fish

January 31, 2011
Another match three game can’t get you too excited, but when Two Tribes makes a new game you do take notice. The makers of Tiki Tori have combined with the marketing might of EA to release Swap This! Your goal is to match four fishes of the same color to break the ice they’re frozen in. If you want fast paced action in your match three game you’ve come to the right place as that’s the basis of Swap This! Your goal is to make as many matches as fast as you can preferably large in size or multiple different matches at once frantically swapping the frozen fish tiles. There are three game modes with Fish Fight, Minute Mode, and Puzzle. In Fish Fight you’re in a battle against a huge fish who is trying to make it to the surface, and every match you make sends down fish to smack it back down. In minute mode your given two minutes to score as much as you can, and puzzle mode has 45 puzzles across three difficulties where you swap to match every fish on screen. Timing is so important in the first two modes, but you need to balance it with making big combos. The big fish rises quickly, and a simple match of four doesn’t slow it down much, so you need to make combo matches, or huge matches which break off a section of the board for major damage. You have a couple seconds after your initial match to either add same colored fish to it, or make new matches. Every big fish you beat has an amusing cut scene, and the next fish picks up with the same board arrangement. One problem is that when you lose you have to start at the beginning rather than being able to face the big fish you lost to. It would be great for the big fish to act as checkpoints, and it would also help for the score based game to have some sort of online connectivity. Sadly there is only Facebook connect which doesn’t do much so you miss out on online high score tables in Game Center. The game is bursting with color and polish that Two Tribes is known for, and the match animations are superb. There is a light hearted soundtrack as well, and it fits the game style of never a dull moment. It’s tough to put back down once you start as it’s much more action than puzzle. Swap This! is worth picking up for only $1, though checkpoints and online connectivity would do wonders for the game.

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