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Falling Fred Is A Bloody Good Time

Falling Fred Is A Bloody Good Time

February 28, 2011
Falling Fred by Dedalord S.R.L. icon

Falling Fred ($0.99) by Dedalord S.R.L. is an obstacle dodging, "falling" game, packed full of violence and gore.

Fred (otherwise known as Richardson L. Frederick the third) is falling down an elevator shaft towards an assortment of blades, spikes, pipes and other pain producing objects. Your job is to help Fred dodge the obstacles, minimizing fractures and amputations.

Expect blood, lots of blood that will decorate your iDevice.

Falling Fred is entertaining and humorous, in a sick and twisted kinda way.

Falling Fred by Dedalord S.R.L. screenshot

You control Fred’s movements by tilting your device. Rotating left or right navigates Fred horizontally, while a forward or backwards rotation moves Fred vertically.

The further Fred gets, the more obstacles he faces. Keeping Fred’s head away from objects, and collecting letters (for health) is the key.

Your success is measured in meters and presented in a newspaper article.

The game offers three difficulty levels, but you’ll be stuck on the easy level until you can help Fred travel 650 meters. Even the easy level offers a challenge. I led Fred to a fall of 621 meters, resulting in five amputations that required 14 liters of blood.

Following each fall, Fred ends up in the emergency room. Don't worry about Fred though. Regardless of his injuries, he always lives for another fall.

Want to relive your fall? The game offers the ability to replay and share the bloody plunge with your Twitter and Facebook friends.

Falling Fred is integrated with Game Center and features some interesting achievements.

There are 42 total achievements that include “50% shoe discount, your armpit is now just a pit, air head, granny hips” and many more.

Falling Fred by Dedalord S.R.L. screenshot

Falling Fred is a fun and challenging game that kept me coming back for more. The gameplay sounds and effects were solid too.

I did have difficulty maneuvering Fred away from the wall once I got too close, but otherwise the movements were pretty precise.

It’s important to note that Falling Fred is definitely not for children. Decapitated heads and limbs don't offer a family friendly gaming experience.

Falling Fred can be a little repetitive, but definitely has a high replay value. For me, it's one of those games I’d play for 20 minutes, rather than long durations.

If you’re looking for a bloody fun “falling” game dodging obstacles while earning achievements, Falling Fred should be a welcome addition to your iDevice.

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