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Friended - Facebook For iPad Is An App You're Going To "Like"

Friended - Facebook For iPad Is An App You're Going To "Like"

February 11, 2011
Friended - facebook for iPad by icon

Friended - facebook for iPad ($1.99) by is a native iPad app that integrates a multitude of Facebook features such as photo upload, chat, notes and groups. You’ll get a different look and feel as the app works to organize and enhance your Facebook interactions.

Friended - facebook for iPad by screenshot

Taking full advantage of the screen real estate, this app includes live feeds, comments/likes, photo galleries, notifications, messages, chat, groups and a very cool quick view profile popover.

Landscape mode provides a three column view of your wall or profile. Rotating your iPad to portrait mode changes the layout to two columns.

Accessing your home screen, messages, notifications and posting status updates are accomplished by using the top navigational buttons. Commenting, likes, chat, viewing galleries and other features are performed within the appropriate column.

When clicking on a link or video, you get a full screen view of the source page, and an option to open it in Safari. But, you really never have to leave the app.

Friended - facebook for iPad by screenshot

Notable omissions are places, pages and events. Also missing are options to change your profile, privacy settings or appearance settings.

The text within the app is smaller than I’d like, but hopefully future updates will provide a way to increase the size.

Friendly has set the bar for Facebook on the iPad, this app is a very worthy option and one to keep a close eye on.

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Friended - facebook for iPad
Friended - facebook for iPad

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