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Nomad Capacitive Brush Available Now: Turn Your iPad Into A Virtual Canvas

Nomad Capacitive Brush Available Now: Turn Your iPad Into A Virtual Canvas

February 21, 2011
"Nomad Brush" - a paint brush that actually works with the iPad's touchscreen - is now available to purchase online for $24.00. If you often find yourself sketching on your iPad, you'll undoubtedly want to get a Nomad Brush as soon as possible. Here's what the accessory's creator, Don Lee, has to say about the product:
I am an architect and an artist. I love to sketch and paint, and like many of you, I found the iPad to be a great digital sketchbook and canvas. However, I found that drawing with my finger was awkward. After trying out many styluses, I failed to find a suitable one…so I invented the Nomad Brush. Each Nomad Brush is carefully handcrafted and made with exceptionally conductive materials. This allows the brush to be extremely responsive, making brushstrokes immediate and effortless on any capacitive touchscreen device. Enjoy creating with your Nomad Brush.
A variety of iOS applications allow iPad owners to turn their tablet into a canvas (see our applist), and now, iArtists have the perfect accessory to help them create digital masterpieces on Apple's "magical and revolutionary" device. For more information on Nomad Brush, check out its official website. And, if you want a Nomad Brush of your own, you can grab one by hitting this link.

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