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Quickly Manage And Organize Your Photos With DropPics For Dropbox

Quickly Manage And Organize Your Photos With DropPics For Dropbox

February 12, 2011
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DropPics for Dropbox ($1.99) by is a universal app that helps you view, manage and organize photos within your Dropbox account(s). This companion app provides slideshow functionality and the ability to move, copy and delete images.

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Just sign into DropPics with your Dropbox account(s). Once you select the image subfolder, you can view and sort your thumbnails.

Tapping an image launches a full screen view. Options include the ability to play a slideshow of your photos or manage them with move, copy, save or delete.

Navigate through the photos by using navigational arrows or with a finger swipe.

Absolutely the best feature this app offers is the ability to manage a large number of photos at once.

Click “edit” and tap one or more images, or choose “select all.” Once highlighted, you can quickly move, copy or delete the selected photos.

I uploaded 17 photos to my Dropbox folder, then jumped over to DropPics and moved all 17 images from my picture folder to my public folder. It took less than a second.

DropPics for Dropbox by screenshot

When I saw that DropPics supports multiple Dropbox accounts, I was excited by the possibilities. However, I was disappointed to discover you can’t move files from one Dropbox account to another.

I discovered a bug when signing into my account, as six login error boxes popped up with just one incorrect password entry.

The biggest problem I ran into was the inability to access files I uploaded to the main folder, rather than the subfolders (photos, public, etc.). I had 13 images I couldn't get to due to this limitation.

The app also doesn’t work very well with other files such as documents and videos. You can open these files in another application or download and preview, but they can’t be viewed in a slideshow or managed as you can with photos. DropPics is a companion app and doesn’t have some of the standard Dropbox functions. You can’t upload images directly to the app, set favorites or grab the public link.

DropPics has great potential. If you work with a large number of photos or multiple Dropbox accounts, the app is ideal. If the developer can fix a few minor issues and implement a way to move photos from one account to another, this app could really take off.

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