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Tap Tap Tap Releases A Performance And Fine Tuning Update To Camera+

Tap Tap Tap Releases A Performance And Fine Tuning Update To Camera+

February 16, 2011
Camera+ v2.1 focuses on performance and user interface improvements throughout the app. The changes include some button location rearrangement, less time processing effects and borders, and a few minor feature additions. Changes to buttons and other UI items include a new icon for the multi-select button, Info panel buttons rearranged to a more Camera+-style feel, added the Camera access button to every area except when editing a photo, and removed the Copy button in the single photo viewing mode in exchange of offering the more common iOS tap-and-hold action. In addition to the general enhancements, Camera+ now shares your photos in the order you select them in the Lightbox using the multi-select button, metatags and geotags will now remain when photos are emailed, Location Services is now only active in Camera mode, and a tap-and-hold on Lightbox action buttons (Copy, Save, etc) will display additional options. Two new options have been added to the main menu, which is accessed via the button in the bottom-right of the Camera and Lightbox areas. You can now enable and disable the geotagging feature and AutoSave gives the choice of saving a snapshot to the Lightbox, Camera Roll, or both. Other Camera+ v2.1 improvements include: •. You can now get info on photos from the Lightbox without having to zoom them first. • We fixed a bug where photo previews were incorrect when an effect on them was set to a level less than 100%. • The Pinhole effect has been dramatically improved. • We’ve improved the quality of several of the effects. • Vintage, Offset, Film, and Sprockets borders have been improved. • Most of the analog-style effects have more of a random feel to them now. • We fixed a bug where some people were having trouble sharing their photos on TheFaceBook. Camera+ is designed for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 3.1 or later, and is available now for a very limited time 50% off sale price of $.99. [gallery link="file"]

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