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It's Time To Jam It In! NBA JAM Is Now Available In The App Store For iPhone And iPod Touch

February 10, 2011
Only a few days ago, we shared EA Mobile's teaser content for NBA JAM. Today is the day to find out if you're good enough to be on fire. NBA JAM is now officially in the App Store. The game consists of 2-on-2 play, and has a standard single game Play Now option or the tournament-style Classic Campaign. Pick your favorite match-up with any of the 30 teams to play against the CPU. You play as one player of your team while the AI controls the other. There is Tag mode available for those who just don't trust the AI. Though, I think, the AI is pretty good. Look over player statistics and substitution notices during halftime, and total stats after the final buzzer. NBA JAM for iOS offers two control schemes, Arcade and Gesture. Arcade is your regular virtual joystick with pass, block, shoot, shove, steal, and turbo via three buttons. Gestures has a virtual joystick, that can be used on nearly any portion of the left half of the screen, and up, down, left, or right swipes, plus shake to control the other actions. Personally, I find Gesture to be a bit unpredictable but that's from less than an hour of play. EA Mobile has added challenges, basically achievements, to earn for unlocking certain players and gameplay features. The special modes include Big Head, One Shot On Fire, Camera Hog, and Unlimited Turbo. As a nice gesture, unlocking Big Head mode only requires you to complete the Jam Camp. The modes can be enabled or disabled through Options --> Privileges. If you're one of those just too lazy or frustrated, you can unlock players, etc through some in-app purchases. The Challenges don't appear to be insanely tough, so most should be fine. Most challenges are winning against a certain team, doing 10 shoves in a single game, things like that. Gameplay options include control scheme choice, difficulty selection, Tag mode on or off, vibrate on or off, reset high scores, reset all settings, and quarter length: one, two, or five minutes. Difficulty modes include Rookie, Veteran, All-Star, and Legend. Audio settings include volume adjustments for music, sound effects, environment, and commentator, plus iPod music playback support. NBA JAM is designed for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 3.0 or later, and available in the App Store now for $4.99. [gallery link="file"]

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