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Apple Kicks "Anti-Gay" Application Out Of The App Store

Apple Kicks "Anti-Gay" Application Out Of The App Store

March 23, 2011
Apple has kicked Exodus International (the "anti-gay" application we recently told you about) out of the App Store. Earlier this week, the Web went crazy when an application that promoted "freedom from homosexuality" became available in the App Store. The app was released by the organization "Exodus International," which calls itself the "world’s largest ministry to individuals and families impacted by homosexuality." Following the availability of Exodus International, an online petition was started by the folks over at, which demanded the removal of the app. In the last few days, over 140,000 people have signed the petition. Yesterday, Cult of Mac reported that Exodus International could no longer be found in the App Store. Nobody was exactly sure whether the application had been booted out of the App Store by Apple, or if some other reason had brought about the application's disappearance. However, Alan Chambers (of Exodus International) recently confirmed the app's removal in a Twitter update. He said:
It's official, the @ExodusInl App is no longer in the @AppStore. Incredibly disappointing. Watch out, it could happen to you. #freedom
Personally, I think this is great news. In my opinion, applications such as Exodus International have no place in the App Store. What do you think?

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